bBooth. Be Amazed.

When was the last time you were truly Amazed by technology?

bBoothTech, the technology licensing division of bBooth, Inc. introduces bNotifi – a new assertive and interactive, push-to-screen communications tool. Download on your desktop now to test drive.


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An Assertive Communications Tool

Imagine being able to communicate your message directly to the screens of your customers, partners, distributors, affiliates, and/or team members – in a media-rich interactive video format – where the message is delivered by someone who appears to walk right out onto the desktop or mobile screens of your recipients – all without your recipients having to open a web-browser or other mobile or desktop program.

Because Seeing is Believing…

Check out a desktop demo of bNotifi.

Here’s How You Can Use This

bNotifi is an effective communications tool for virtually any company, including network marketing companies, consumer brands, music, film and TV companies, retail stores, hospitals and health care professionals, and faith-based organizations, among countless others.

Case In Point

Here’s an example of how a network marketing company uses bNotifi… Distributors/Affiliates and new recruits download our bNotifi mobile app and/or desktop app, available FREE from Apple’s AppStore and Google’s PlayStore.  With this simple, intuitive tool, new recruits will be able to press a button to import their contacts, even Facebook friends. Another press of a button selects the compliance approved bNotifi message from a drop-down list. And with another press, the new recruit can send the selected bNotifi message to some or all of his or her imported contacts or Facebook friends. Their intended recipients will then experience something they have not seen before – right on their screens – right on top of whatever else they had on their screens at the time – and yes – we do this in a non-intrusive, yet engaging manner.

The Experience

What they see is the network marketing company’s best or top salesperson who appears to come walking-out right onto their screen to deliver a presentation about the company’s products or services in a way the new recruit is not yet capable of. Interested recipients can respond in real-time, right from their devices, as the bNotifi message is interactive. Instead of just pitching friends and family, with bNotifi new recruits can reach hundreds or thousands of prospects, at the push of a button – all without facing the dreaded rejection often associated with direct face-to-face encounters that most new recruits are ill-equipped to handle.

The Results

So how can this technology drive value to your company? Here’s our top 3 list: 1. LOWER ATTRITION RATES New recruits find success sooner; repeated viewing of the top salesperson’s presentation by new recruits promotes development of the selling skills and product knowledge needed to succeed; prospecting is easy and fun – and no face-to-face rejections! 2. RECRUITMENT IS ENHANCED Recipients of the bNotifi messaging recognize that they too can utilize their extensive contacts list to create sales activity and associated revenue – even though they may lack the skills and/or confidence to sell in a face-to-face setting. 3. COMPLIANCE IS ASSURED All the bNotifi messaging is pre-approved by corporate management and compliance departments. Want to learn more?  Email and we can give you a free personal consultation and demo.