Artist Interview with Joella Deville

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“I’m just being me.” New Jersey native Joella Deville admits. And often times, that’s what it takes to rise as an artist: authenticity. “I’m an artist that has very strong views on life, love, society, and I use my music and poetry to express those things. ” Joella’s honesty in her songs and ability to rock a blend of pop and R&B vibes has brought her on stages from New York to Los Angeles alongside everyone from Jidenna to Rich Homie Quan.

bBooth caught up with the artist on the rise to talk about her summer EP “Just A Sip”, breaking barriers as a female in the industry, and how to use your network to make the most of opportunities:  

For those who don’t know, who is Joella Deville?

I’m an artist that has very strong views on life, love, society, and I use my music and poetry to express those things. There are women out there who look like me who don’t feel they are represented well in the media, and I hope to change that. It’s time to change the very strict image of what a Pop artist looks like, because that says a lot about what society and the media, deem as acceptable and beautiful. People already relate to me the person and me the artist, so I want to continue doing so, by simply being me.

What was your favorite project you worked on and what can listeners expect from you this year?

I really opened myself up as far as my writing goes with the Just A Sip EP. In  the past, I kept myself in a box of what a song is supposed to look and sound like and I completely ignored those “rules” with this project. I’m really excited for everyone to experience my growth and get in my head a little bit with this new project and to finally give my fans a new project after 3 years.

What do female artists offer for listeners as far as innovation?

As women, we just naturally have a different perspective on life. I think generally, we give a little more care to things, as the more emotional sex that we are. So you see us standing up and taking a stance against a lot of things in our music. We’re bold in what we say, in how we look, and what we stand for. As women we have a lot to offer the world and we’re breaking barriers and standards everyday. So when listeners hear our thoughts, we’re offering a refreshing take on a male dominated society and cementing our place within it.

You’ve had music from your project, Round 2, featured on such networks as VH1 and Bravo. How did that come together?

I worked with a producer dC SoulPlusMind, on my last project, Round 2. He’s really big into music licensing, so he’s the one that actually submitted those records for us, and it was really exciting to hear that they got picked up. I remember the first time I found out that my records were on TV, I honestly didn’t even believe everyone. It was truly one of the highlights of my career. And the best part about that, is that it’s only the beginning.

Listen to her latest single “Ease the Pain” here and stay tuned for the release of her music video for “Ease the Pain”. Be sure to follow her on social @JoellaDeville for to follow her journey. 

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