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Artist Interview with Joella Deville

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“I’m just being me.” New Jersey native Joella Deville admits. And often times, that’s what it takes to rise as an artist: authenticity. “I’m an artist that has very strong views on life, love, society, and I use my music and poetry to express those things. ” Joella’s honesty in her songs and ability to rock a blend of pop and R&B vibes has brought her on stages from New York to Los Angeles alongside everyone from Jidenna to Rich Homie Quan.

bBooth caught up with the artist on the rise to talk about her summer EP “Just A Sip”, breaking barriers as a female in the industry, and how to use your network to make the most of opportunities:  

For those who don’t know, who is Joella Deville?

I’m an artist that has very strong views on life, love, society, and I use my music and poetry to express those things. There are women out there who look like me who don’t feel they are represented well in the media, and I hope to change that. It’s time to change the very strict image of what a Pop artist looks like, because that says a lot about what society and the media, deem as acceptable and beautiful. People already relate to me the person and me the artist, so I want to continue doing so, by simply being me.

What was your favorite project you worked on and what can listeners expect from you this year?

I really opened myself up as far as my writing goes with the Just A Sip EP. In  the past, I kept myself in a box of what a song is supposed to look and sound like and I completely ignored those “rules” with this project. I’m really excited for everyone to experience my growth and get in my head a little bit with this new project and to finally give my fans a new project after 3 years.

What do female artists offer for listeners as far as innovation?

As women, we just naturally have a different perspective on life. I think generally, we give a little more care to things, as the more emotional sex that we are. So you see us standing up and taking a stance against a lot of things in our music. We’re bold in what we say, in how we look, and what we stand for. As women we have a lot to offer the world and we’re breaking barriers and standards everyday. So when listeners hear our thoughts, we’re offering a refreshing take on a male dominated society and cementing our place within it.

You’ve had music from your project, Round 2, featured on such networks as VH1 and Bravo. How did that come together?

I worked with a producer dC SoulPlusMind, on my last project, Round 2. He’s really big into music licensing, so he’s the one that actually submitted those records for us, and it was really exciting to hear that they got picked up. I remember the first time I found out that my records were on TV, I honestly didn’t even believe everyone. It was truly one of the highlights of my career. And the best part about that, is that it’s only the beginning.

Listen to her latest single “Ease the Pain” here and stay tuned for the release of her music video for “Ease the Pain”. Be sure to follow her on social @JoellaDeville for to follow her journey. 

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bBooth Launches American Idol Auditions in L.A. !

Small AI Auditions at bB graphicCalling all singers, dreamers, and talented LA artists! bBooth and American Idol are partnering up to find the next American Idol! Now’s you’re chance to show the world your talent! bBooth is hosting an open call for registration and auditions for the fifteenth–and farewell–season of AMERICAN IDOL®, premiering January 2016 on FOX. Show off your talent on Saturday, August 15th, 10:30 am – 6:00 pm at bBooth. Registration begins at 10:30 am and will be located on level 4 of the Parking Deck outside of the Dining Terrace Entrance at the Westfield Culver City Mall, 6000 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA. Previous Idol finalists and other musicians are scheduled to make guest appearances as well.

“Come on L.A.! – this is your chance to be on AMERICAN IDOL® – one of the greatest singing competitions of all time,” states bBooth’s CEO Rory J. Cutaia. “Come on out and show us why YOU are the next American Idol.”

If interested in auditioning, RSVP for August 15th by clicking here.  All video recorded auditions at bBooth in Westfield Culver City Mall will be reviewed by the producers of AMERICAN IDOL®, who are now casting for Season XV, to be aired in January. For more guidelines and audition tips, please visit

In addition, members of the press, performers, friends and family are welcome to watch our special guest interviews on the red carpet from 12 PM- 3 PM, right next to registration on level 4 of the Parking Deck.  bBooth’s “On the Rise” iHeartRadio host Jen Tapiero and comedian Lazarus  will interview rising stars, such as former Idol finalists Adanna Duru and Quigley (FKA Casey Carlson),  as well as artists Divinity Roxx, The Rej3ctz, Dorothy Pincus, Lela Brown, This Boy That Girl and Alya, social media celebs J. Cyrus, and The BalCOny with Wesley Stromberg and Kenny Holland, Nuestra Belleza Latina winner Melissa Marty and more.  Hear their tips for auditioning, song choice, growing a social following and more. The red carpet event and auditions are free and open to the public and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. So what are you waiting for? Save the date and get ready to shine! See you on August 15th!

American Idol Partners with bBooth for Season XV Auditions!


Are you ready for your American Idol moment like XIV winner Nick Fradiani? Now’s your chance to share your talent with America! bBooth is partnering with AMERICAN IDOL® to help YOU reach your dreams! bBooth will be kicking off the AMERICAN IDOL Los Angeles auditions at the Westfield Culver City Mall on Thursday, August 15th! bBooth’s video recording kiosks will be used to find potential TV show contestants to audition for the fifteenth–and farewell–season of AMERICAN IDOL®, premiering January 2016 on FOX.

“People Magazine recently quoted AMERICAN IDOL®’s Host Ryan Seacrest saying ‘[AMERICAN IDOL®] is a show about chasing and fulfilling dreams.’ Providing the opportunity for anyone, anywhere, to realize those dreams is what bBooth is all about,” states bBooth’s CEO Rory J. Cutaia. “What can be more rewarding than to work with an iconic organization like AMERICAN IDOL®, dedicated to the pursuit of one’s dreams.”

Starting this month, bBooth will kick off the AMERICAN IDOL® auditions at bBooth Culver City, located inside the Westfield Culver City Mall in Culver City, CA, with additional locations soon to be announced.  Interested contestants can visit or for more information.

So what are you waiting for? Prepare for the auditions and show us what you got. We want to see your talent!

“On The Rise” Radio Show Features Rayvon Owen!


Get ready Idol fans- the one and only Rayvon Owen will be making a special appearance on our radio show  “On the Rise” featuring emerging artists! Host iHeartRadio DJ Jennifer Tapiero will be interviewing the American Idol top 4 finalist to talk about the upcoming Idol Tour, new music to expect and more! Rayvon, who was also nicknamed “Twitter King” due to the tremendous support of his social following throughout the run of the show, was saved four consecutive weeks by his Twitter fans, and the only recipient of the ‘fan save’ during the season.  Rayvon capped off his unbelievable Idol journey with three performances during the finale, covering Jason DeRulo’s “Want to Want Me”, the Joe Cocker hit “You Are So Beautiful” and Stevie Wonder’s “As”. Rayvon can also be seen this summer on the Idols Live Tour, and is promoting his own debut EP ‘Cycles’, with singles like “Sweatshirt” which will be played during today’s radio show.  Continue reading

“On the Rise” Radio Show Feature: Vine Star J. Cyrus


bRadio‘s “On The Rise” is all about creating a platform for the next generation of artists! Today we’re proud to announce that iHeartRadio DJ Jennifer Tapiero will be interviewing Vine celebrity J. Cyrus! J. Cyrus is a songwriter, rapper, singer, actor and comedian, with over 273 million loops and over 434 thousand followers on Vine alone.

The radio show will feature his new release “Sank Ships”, as well as a segment where listeners are asked to submit topics for ‘Rap Rant’ on Skype with ID, Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, Vine, Facebook and Tumblr. J. Cyrus and Jennifer Tapiero will then freestyle rap the selected topics, on demand.  Have a topic you want to suggest? Let us know via social! J. Cyrus will also give listeners the inside scoop on what it takes to be a Vine celeb in a segment called ‘The Mind of a Serial Viner’ and will live Vine during the show.

We will be having the live broadcast on Spreaker and SoundCloud at Noon PST,  and the episode will be available on our app Songstagram, the mobile app for content creation, distribution, artist promotion and talent discovery. To download Songstagram, visit The App Store and Google Play. 

“I’m excited to interview J. Cyrus on this week’s episode,” states Tapiero.  “Vine stars are a new brand of celebrities on the rise, and I think our viewers are going to be very interested in learning about what it takes to go viral on Vine.  J is a also a great rapper and all around funny guy, so this show will be one to watch.” Stay tuned! Want to be our next our artist feature? Record your talent on Songstagram and use the hashtag #bDiscovered so we can check it out!

Snoop Dogg Brings Funk Back with Pharrell For “BUSH” Album Release Concert


Snoop x Big Boy x Pharrell at the BUSH Q&A at iHeartRadio Theatre | Credit: @i_a_OTHER

Pharrell x Snoop performing "Drop It Like It's Hot" | Credit: @iHeartRadio

Pharrell x Snoop performing “Drop It Like It’s Hot” | Credit: @iHeartRadio

Rap legend Snoop Dogg had the Los Angeles crowd hyped last night to celebrate the release of his highly anticipated album BUSH on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater LA. “We never look at what we’ve done in the past, we always look ahead. We knew the sound we were going for before we even had the hooks.” Snoop admitted to Big Boy of Real 92.3 FM, the moderator of the evening, after being asked what direction he was looking to create.

Snoop Dogg teamed up with BUSH producer Pharrell to discussed the importance of bringing funk back, collaborating with the legendary Stevie Wonder, and more. Watch the fun interview here on Songstagram. Shortly afterwards, the dynamic hip-hop duo shared an intimate concert with attendees, featuring a collection of tracks from his album including the current singles “Peaches N Cream”, “California Roll” and of course, classic tracks such as “Nothing But A G Thang” and “Still D.R.E.” Loving Uncle Snoop’s BUSH tracks or prefer the old school Snoop? Let us know how you feel and record a video on Songstagram, our video creation app where you can share your story, talents, and get the scoop on the latest events, including our coverage of Snoop Dogg’s album release party. Download Songstagram here and stay tuned for upcoming music events and fun interviews we’ll be featuring!

bBooth Launches Internet Radio Show “On the Rise”


bRadio is proud to launch it’s newest radio show “On the Rise” hosted by iHeartRadio DJ Jennifer Tapiero.  Jen interviews rising musicians from all walks of life, including rappers, EDM DJs and spoken word artists, to hear their inspirational stories, hot new releases and more.  “On the Rise” airs live at Noon PST every Thursday on SoundCloudSpreaker, Periscope and is hosted on bBoothGO.

The show kicks off with ‘behind the music’ styled interviews with this season’s American Idol’s Top 12 Men Michael Simeon where Michael talks about his legendary dance with Jennifer Lopez while fellow judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. sing along and play back-up. Michael also shares his upcoming plans and key influences. In the second episode, Jen sits down with singer, songwriter and guitaristJordon Maroko, whose Detroit-based sound has been called ‘acoustic pop rock’, and compared to a blend between Maroon5 and One Republic.  He shares his new music, including “Playground” and “I Can’t Stay”.  The first two episodes of “On the Rise” are now available on Songstagram, the mobile app for content creation, distribution, artist promotion and talent discovery. To download Songstagram, visit The App Store and Google Play. 

“I’m excited to be hosting ‘On the Rise’ and giving our listeners ‘insider access’ to up-and-coming artists that could be tomorrow’s next big stars,” states Tapiero. “Our new radio show will serve as another talent discovery vehicle for not just Hollywood producers, but for anyone looking for new, untapped artists.”

“On the Rise” includes:

  • ‘Behind the music’ interviews with the featured artists
  • 3-5 original songs/pieces from the featured artists
  • When available, questions from callers and/or bBooth’s social media community
  • Live stream on Periscope; download the Periscope app for the latest
  • Be sure to listen in and follow us on Twitter @bBoothTV to tweet us your questions!

Pre-ASCAP POP Awards & Expo Showcase Recap


“Speak from your heart and be honest.” Singer/songwriter Tish Hyman offers advice to rising artists. Photo credit: Dan Kennedy


Unbelievable LA songwriter and co-writer of Beyonce’s “Ring Off”, Prince Charlez performing a soulful session in the heart of Hollywood. Photo credit: Dan Kennedy

 On Tuesday, April 25th ASCAP & Thrillbox, top virtual reality content platform provider, presented its first Pre-ASCAP POP Awards and EXPO Showcase. Held in the heart of Hollywood at the Madera Kitchen, the evening featured opening act Tish Hyman (featured on Fabulous latest hit single “You Made Me”) and the live band, The Komposers. Tish Hyman’s fresh and unique perspective has garnered her collaborations with artists including Alicia Keys and Usher. Tish’s advice to upcoming songwriters looking: “Speak from your heart and be honest. Make the emotion feel real in the music.” When was the last time you kept it real with yourself in lyrics and expressed your emotions? Keep it real and the audience will recognize the truth. The evening also featured live Thrillbox demonstrations. Thrillbox is an amazing virtual reality experience that offers a 360-degree perspective of events including artist performances, showing the importance of storytelling and technology to live music.

Continue reading

New Online Entertainment Show “This Just In” Debuts On Songstagram!

Happy to announce that Songstagram, the app behind bBooth, will be launching an exclusive online show entitled “This Just In” with host Jennifer Tapiero. “This Just In” will feature the latest entertainment news, including LA music events, celebrity news, in-studio jam sessions with rising artists and featured ‘videos of the week’. The full-length interviews, featured contests and video content are available exclusively on Songstagram, bBooth’s mobile app for content creation, distribution, artist promotion and talent discovery.

Jennifer Tapiero is also the host of bBooth’s online show “Red Carpet Rundown”, where she is currently backstage at FOX’s “American Idol”, interviewing contestants, judges and guest mentors. Check out her latest interview with Idol mentor Scott Borchetta here and listen to his advice for rising artists. The full “Red Carpet” interviews are available on Songstagram. Jen is also the host of 3 radio shows, including #JENeration on iHeartRadio every Friday at 11am PST, Hollywood Talk Radio and WROM.

From entertainment news to trending video content, “This Just In” allows you to have access to Hollywood! We also love to see how you’re having fun with the app! If you want to be featured as an artist, show us what you! From singers to rappers and comedians, we encourage you to share your talent. Who knows? You may be our next artist feature! Visit The App Store and Google Play. to download Songstagram and stay tuned with the latest entertainment news.

“Red Carpet Rundown” Debuts on Songstagram (soon-to-be kord) with Backstage Interviews at American Idol!


“That’s our mantra: Make the coolest music with the coolest artists.” Idol Mentor and CEO of Big Machine LabelScott Borchetta admitted to Jennifer Tapiero, host of “Red Carpet Rundown“, a Songstagram/kord exclusive featuring Hollywood’s best red carpet events. With Big Machine artists such as Taylor Swift shaking up things in the music world, it’s no surprise that American Idol mentor Scott is dedicated on bringing the best emerging artists to the front-lines of the recording industry. Jennifer also spoke with Idol contestants including Joey Cook, Rayvon Owen, and Nick Fradiani about their expectations of Idol this season. Quentin Alexander also kept it real with host Jennifer when asked about the intense Idol moment with Harry Connick Jr. after Quentin called the results “whack.”

The behind-the-scenes coverage of American Idol served as the debut episode of “Red Carpet Rundown”, a Songstagram/kord exclusive highlighting the best in Hollywood entertainment. The exciting series will follow host Jennifer Tapiero’s red carpet adventures including additional American Idol red carpet wraps, live events, award shows, concerts and more. Jennifer Tapiero is also the host of 3 radio shows, including #JENeration on iHeartRadio every Friday at 11am PST, Hollywood Talk Radio and WROM. “I’m excited to join the bBooth team and I’m looking forward to releasing exclusive content on the Songstragram/kord app”, Jen admitted. “My radio shows’ listeners and kord viewers are very similar; they are interested in the latest in entertainment news and want ‘insider access’ to up-and-coming artists that could be tomorrow’s next big stars.”

Are you looking for tips from the industry’s best? Want to go behind the scenes of some of your favorite events? Check out “Red Carpet Rundown” and download Songstagram/kord here to stay up to date with the latest Hollywood exclusives!

Credit: @AmericanIdol

Behind the scenes at Idol with “Red Carpet Rundown” host Jennifer Tapiero. Credit: @AmericanIdol


Check out the full interview of Idol’s top contestants exclusively on Songstagram/kord!