Authors: Jes James

Finally Famous: Big Sean Takeover at #RevoltLIVE

@iamdiddy welcomes @bigsean to the Ciroc Boy Family. #BigSeanTakeover #CirocBoyz | Powered By: @TimewarnerCable |

@iamdiddy welcomes @bigsean to the Ciroc Boy Family. #BigSeanTakeover #CirocBoyz | Powered By: @TimewarnerCable |

Over 500 fans surrounded the center of Hollywood and Highland (next to bBooth) to see the man of the year, who released his best album yet. Revolt TV held a Takeover exclusive with Grammy nominated and multi platinum artist Big Sean. He took a seat on stage for a heart to heart interview that felt more to me like a conversation. Well known for his relatable hits, ‘Beware’ and ‘Ashley’, to his powerful verses in Kanye West’s ‘Mercy’, the artist explains that he put his heart into his album ‘Dark Sky Paradise’, released February 24th. I’ve been a fan since 2011 and would be lying if I didn’t agree saying it’s his best work yet! Continue reading

How To Improve Your Art: Practice & Patience

Rise and Shine, LA IMG_1663

It was 7am in front of the Los Angeles Convention Center and the sun was shining over a thousand talented hopefuls. I was in line waiting to audition for a major network work television show. I spoke to singers from San Francisco to Chicago, that drove or flew out specifically for this opportunity. Holding my audition pass in my hand, a lucky penny in the other, I warmed up my voice and rehearsed the songs I’d be performing in front of the producers.  Continue reading

Coachella Releases Artist Line-Up: AC/DC, Jack White and Drake To Headline

2015 Coachella Line Up has officially been announced, tickets are sold out, and the countdown for the most anticipated art music festival of the year, has begun! The girls have already started packing their outfits and flower crowns, Spotify has created their 2015 Playlist, and everyone (including myself) is excitedly posting their photos from previous Coachella’s on their social media networks.  Continue reading

Jingle Ball Rocked!

bBooth invited up and coming artists from bRadio to perform at KIIS FM Jingle Ball Village Pre Show 2014! Performers included Zack Burke, Sarah Blaine, Lotis Jackson, and others also including my acoustic duo ‘Silhouettess’. Crowds stood around listening to the different genres and styles of the artists, and also lined up eager to share their talents with us. Continue reading

Taylor Swift Shuts Down Hollywood for Jimmy Kimmel Live

After hours spent in lines filled with hundreds of fanatics and girls in their red lipstick, the sun went down in Los Angeles just in time for a powerful performance by Taylor Swift.  The Jimmy Kimmel Live show had a helicopter hovering over Hollywood, streets blocked, and only a few of the lucky ones were selected from a raffle to see the intimate concert, including myself. Continue reading

Just B.

When getting ready to perform or audition, I used to feel pressure and would often ask myself “What is it about me that everyone is going to respond to?  Am I going to provide a sound, voice, or image that’s going to change the world?”

I found that the questions racing through my head took away from my main focus on what was really important; to just be myself.  The more confident I became with my voice and sense of style, the smoother my audition process became.

The key to a confident and natural performance is to simply be yourself.  Don’t worry about whether you are good enough or if people are going to like you.  An audience is more captivated by how genuine a performer is. If you love and stay true to yourself, it will show in your performance.  

bBooth celebrates individuality.  Come to a bBooth near you and share your talents that set you apart from the rest. #bOriginal

OWSLA Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary With Skrillex

Los Angeles was louder than ever Sunday, September 14th as Lure Hollywood presented OWSLA’s 3 year Anniversary as a successful Record Label. Founder Sonny Moore, also known as Skrillex, headlined along with Blood Diamonds, Vinddata and DJ Mija.

With mixed music from his latest album ‘Recess’ and popular hits from 2012, the crowd was hyped more than ever paying little attention to the scorching 98 degrees outside. Squirt gun in hand, I kept cool making my way through to a room where headlining artists were casually talking to fans and taking photos. With little time until the show started, I jumped right into a conversation with Sonny and Mija.

Continue reading