bBooth allows you to “Broadcast your Talent to Hollywood” through a fun, easy-to-use, professional recording booth where everyone has the chance to bDiscovered!

With bBooths, you can audition for top Hollywood TV shows and Movies right in your hometown. Located in local shopping malls across the country, bBooths are where you can bSeen, bHeard and just bYou! Show off your talents, from singing to acting to comedy, modeling and more.

Your auditions can be seen on YouTube and shared with all your friends through your favorite social media!

Click here to locate the bBooth closest to you.

What to Expect When Auditioning

  • All bBooth locations are staffed with assistants – we call them “Casting Directors” – who are there to make your bBooth Experience fun and easy. All our Casting Directors are also performers – just like you – who can demonstrate how to get the most out of your bBooth Experience.
  • When you arrive, you can sign up on-site, on the easy-to-use bBooth touch screens or ask our Casting Directors for assistance.
  • If there’s a line of people ahead of you, you can present a “Fast Track” pass (that you can get here) to the bBooth Casting Director and be whisked to the front of the line.
  • You can select your type of audition, your song (if you need one) and pay outside bBooth with a debit or credit card, or a bBoothCard, available to purchase for cash-paying customers at the mall concierge or courtesy desk.
  • When it’s your turn to audition, go inside the bBooth professional television studio and follow the easy-to-use instructions on the touch screen in front of you to choose your background.
  • Next, choose whether you want Public Mode or Private Mode. In Public Mode, you’re ON STAGE as your performance is SEEN and HEARD on the large 80” monitors outside of bBooth.
  • When you’re ready to record your audition, simply press GO and watch the countdown on screen to begin your performance.
  • Need a do-over? Go for it. We want your best performance. One is included for free.
  • After your performance, you can review it and decide whether to submit it. If you’re satisfied with your performance, you can send it to YouTube, where you can share it with your friends across your favorite social media!
  • And if you’re auditioning for another TV Show or Movie role, we’ll make sure your audition is seen by the producers casting for that role. We’ll even keep you informed by email if you get the part or if they want to see more of you!
  • After every audition, we’ll send you a confirmation email, with cool ways to share and promote your performance!
  • Due to the green screen, it is strongly recommended to not wear green while auditioning.

This is your chance to bSeen, bHeard, and bDiscovered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I perform with an instrument?
A: Yes, you can perform with any instrument that you can carry into bBooth. Electric instruments, like guitars and keyboards, can be plugged-in directly.
Q: How many ‘do overs’ do I get?
A: You get one free “do over” and the opportunity to purchase as many as you need after that.
Q: How many people can audition at once?
A: bBooth fits up to 5 performers at once.
Q: Do I have to wait in line for long?
A: It’s up to you! You can perform in bBooth on a “walk-in” basis, or if you want, you can click here to sign up for “Fast Track” and reserve your audition time in advance.Got more questions? Let us know!