Our App bBoothGO

bBoothGO is our new app that brings Hollywood to your fingertips. Create, edit and share videos of your talent– whether it be karaoke fun with your friends or professional audition reels. Build your profile with fun videos and if you wish, upload them to the casting opportunities and contests that are posted regularly.  Or use your videos to battle with other of your friends and followers; top votes win!  Want to learn more? Check it out– it’s free to download!

Get bBoothGO on your smartphone today.

Check out our new app, bBoothGO, where anyone can be a star!

Our app is seamlessly integrated with our recording booths, which means you can login to your profile on bBoothGO or in our bBooth studios, and access your entire library of content. Record yourself singing along with songs you purchased from the bBoothGO store or your iTunes library and then share your videos with your bBooth followers and other social media friends. If you want, you can also submit your video to be seen by casting producers. Casting opportunities for TV and online shows change often- so check back for the latest casting calls! What’s not to love?