bBooth’s Kiosk Drives User Engagement for Mina Tulchinsky’s “All Heart” Listening Party at Capital Records

The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Beastie Boys,  Beck, Mary J. Blige,  Paul McCartney,  Sam Smith, and Katy Perry are just a few amongst the legendary artists that have recorded in the studio at Capital Records- the same studio that Soprano Singer Mina Tulchinsky debuted her “All Heart” album. To remember this eventful evening, we brought one of our bBooth kiosks to the party as a fun way for invitees to take photos or create gifs and share the event on social media.

It wasn’t long before attendees waited their turn to use the customized kiosks for Ms. Tulchinsky’s party. Each user had the option to take a branded photo or the option to take a series of six rapid-fire photos that would get converted into a gif. Anyone and everyone from Ms. Tulchinsky herself to Ray Charles Jr., you guessed it, the son of the beloved Ray Charles shared funny gifs and kept coming back for more!


From Left to Right: Vocal Coach Ron Anderson, Mina Tulchinsky, Photographer Pipe Perez, and Ray Charles Jr.


The interactive kiosks served as a revolutionary means to promote Ms. Tulchinsky’s album release on social media with her fans. There’s an infinite number of ways our clients can use our interactive kiosks depending on their needs. We’re excited to have partnered with Ms. Tulchisnky for this special event and look forward to working with her in the future! We love to support our client’s endeavours and are thrilled at each opportunity to drive user engagement.Contact us today if you are interested in having our interactive kiosks at one of your upcoming events!