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Artist Interview with Joella Deville

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“I’m just being me.” New Jersey native Joella Deville admits. And often times, that’s what it takes to rise as an artist: authenticity. “I’m an artist that has very strong views on life, love, society, and I use my music and poetry to express those things. ” Joella’s honesty in her songs and ability to rock a blend of pop and R&B vibes has brought her on stages from New York to Los Angeles alongside everyone from Jidenna to Rich Homie Quan.

bBooth caught up with the artist on the rise to talk about her summer EP “Just A Sip”, breaking barriers as a female in the industry, and how to use your network to make the most of opportunities:  

For those who don’t know, who is Joella Deville?

I’m an artist that has very strong views on life, love, society, and I use my music and poetry to express those things. There are women out there who look like me who don’t feel they are represented well in the media, and I hope to change that. It’s time to change the very strict image of what a Pop artist looks like, because that says a lot about what society and the media, deem as acceptable and beautiful. People already relate to me the person and me the artist, so I want to continue doing so, by simply being me.

What was your favorite project you worked on and what can listeners expect from you this year?

I really opened myself up as far as my writing goes with the Just A Sip EP. In  the past, I kept myself in a box of what a song is supposed to look and sound like and I completely ignored those “rules” with this project. I’m really excited for everyone to experience my growth and get in my head a little bit with this new project and to finally give my fans a new project after 3 years.

What do female artists offer for listeners as far as innovation?

As women, we just naturally have a different perspective on life. I think generally, we give a little more care to things, as the more emotional sex that we are. So you see us standing up and taking a stance against a lot of things in our music. We’re bold in what we say, in how we look, and what we stand for. As women we have a lot to offer the world and we’re breaking barriers and standards everyday. So when listeners hear our thoughts, we’re offering a refreshing take on a male dominated society and cementing our place within it.

You’ve had music from your project, Round 2, featured on such networks as VH1 and Bravo. How did that come together?

I worked with a producer dC SoulPlusMind, on my last project, Round 2. He’s really big into music licensing, so he’s the one that actually submitted those records for us, and it was really exciting to hear that they got picked up. I remember the first time I found out that my records were on TV, I honestly didn’t even believe everyone. It was truly one of the highlights of my career. And the best part about that, is that it’s only the beginning.

Listen to her latest single “Ease the Pain” here and stay tuned for the release of her music video for “Ease the Pain”. Be sure to follow her on social @JoellaDeville for to follow her journey. 

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“On The Rise” Radio Show Features Rayvon Owen!


Get ready Idol fans- the one and only Rayvon Owen will be making a special appearance on our radio show  “On the Rise” featuring emerging artists! Host iHeartRadio DJ Jennifer Tapiero will be interviewing the American Idol top 4 finalist to talk about the upcoming Idol Tour, new music to expect and more! Rayvon, who was also nicknamed “Twitter King” due to the tremendous support of his social following throughout the run of the show, was saved four consecutive weeks by his Twitter fans, and the only recipient of the ‘fan save’ during the season.  Rayvon capped off his unbelievable Idol journey with three performances during the finale, covering Jason DeRulo’s “Want to Want Me”, the Joe Cocker hit “You Are So Beautiful” and Stevie Wonder’s “As”. Rayvon can also be seen this summer on the Idols Live Tour, and is promoting his own debut EP ‘Cycles’, with singles like “Sweatshirt” which will be played during today’s radio show.  Continue reading

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“You gotta work for what you want, it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. You need to learn to make things happen for yourself,” LA-based singer and songwriter Micky Fuentes admits. An indie rock/R&B singer by way of Florida, music has always been his passion growing up. In college he studied Events and Hospitality but always found his way back to music, teaching himself how to write, record, and produce, ultimately deciding that the best opportunity for him to fully commit to music was by moving to LA. Along the way Micky’s worked with noted writers and producers including our bRadio feature, rapper DeMario SB. Listen to the bRadio interview here, where he shares Perf, On The Line, and Dreamin’,  a song featuring his collaboration with DeMario SB. Continue reading

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Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio aka D’Ambrosio Twins, grew up in Santa Monica, with the passion to create. Starting off at the young age of six, the dynamic duo began acting, allowing them the opportunity to build an impressive resume of Hollywood acting credits including The Young and The Restless, Parks and Recreation and feature films including Mr. Baldwin. Most recently, they recorded the single “Let Your Light Shine,” a song dedicated to anti-bullying and featured on Huffington Post. During our weekly broadcast on bRadio they shared a special feature of “Let Your Light Shine” and talked about the importance of being happy with yourself, along with “Package Deal”, a fun song about best friends. Continue reading

bDiscovered: Artist Interview with It’s Just Sage


It’s Just Sage (Sage Boatright) is a singer/songwriter/actress originally from Amarillo, TX. Co-starring in several TV roles including NBC’s Community and Nickelodeon’s Victorious, Sage is a natural talent when it comes to performing on-stage. Receiving a nomination for the 34th Annual Young Artist Awards for her work in Victorious, Sage is passionate about expressing herself and inspiring others to do the same. Most recently, Sage’s turned her creative passion into music. She has toured Southern California and Texas, releasing her single “All I Can Say”, now out on iTunes.  Continue reading

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“It’s all about practicing your art and staying humble.” 12 year old singer and dancer Talin Silva said to bRadio host Chris James when asked what her advice would be for artists on the rise. “When I started performing, I didn’t have enough confidence, but I tried, and I tried again, and eventually I got better and people would come up to me and say, ‘You’re a star.’ ” Starting off her creative career dancing behind the scenes, Talin’s performed at Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Award and teaches classes at the Deanna School of Dancing — the most prestigious dance studio in Sri Lanka (Talin is of Sri Lankan decent).  Continue reading

bDiscovered: Artist Interview with Natalie Aley

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“If you really want to go for something, you should stick with that and it’s going to happen. You have to really pursue it.” Singer Natalie Aley explains to bDiscovered host Christopher James in our most recent Youtube interview featuring artists on the rise. Moving to LA from Russia, she never thought to give up or choose something else. Natalie began her singing career in Russia, entering international singing competitions and winning contests across Europe. One of her mentors encouraged her to pursue her passion in LA, and she listened.  Continue reading

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“I’m a person who cares about hip-hop. I’m a musician who cares about the artform.” Upcoming lyricist Shad Robinson explains to bDiscovered host Christopher James. Growing up in 818’s The Valley, Shad Robinson’s had the opportunity to learn from the best of West Coast Hip-Hop. Beginning his creative writing during high school, he connected with classmate and producer Edwin Tovar and began collaborating on projects, realizing their synergy was something that allowed them to create their best art.  Continue reading