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SXSW 2015: Top Advice For Rising Artists


The beginning of SXSW outside The FADER Fort. Captured by @thejustinhood

At bBooth, we’re more than just a platform for talent to bSeen, bHeard, and bDiscovered, we are a community of people who want you to become better in your art. Whether it’s performing at bBooth or entering our engaging contests in the Songstagram app, we want you to have fun expressing yourself! From comedians to singers and other performing artists, we understand it’s a journey becoming better in your craft. During our memorable SXSW 2015 experience in Austin we had the opportunity to hear advice from some of the industry’s best artists and professionals. Here are the top creative lessons we learned from artists including Big Sean, Brilliant Garcia, and more. Read below to be inspired to elevate your creativity: Continue reading

How To Improve Your Art: Practice & Patience

Rise and Shine, LA IMG_1663

It was 7am in front of the Los Angeles Convention Center and the sun was shining over a thousand talented hopefuls. I was in line waiting to audition for a major network work television show. I spoke to singers from San Francisco to Chicago, that drove or flew out specifically for this opportunity. Holding my audition pass in my hand, a lucky penny in the other, I warmed up my voice and rehearsed the songs I’d be performing in front of the producers.  Continue reading

Just B.

When getting ready to perform or audition, I used to feel pressure and would often ask myself “What is it about me that everyone is going to respond to?  Am I going to provide a sound, voice, or image that’s going to change the world?”

I found that the questions racing through my head took away from my main focus on what was really important; to just be myself.  The more confident I became with my voice and sense of style, the smoother my audition process became.

The key to a confident and natural performance is to simply be yourself.  Don’t worry about whether you are good enough or if people are going to like you.  An audience is more captivated by how genuine a performer is. If you love and stay true to yourself, it will show in your performance.  

bBooth celebrates individuality.  Come to a bBooth near you and share your talents that set you apart from the rest. #bOriginal

Put Your Best Voice Forward: Vocal Warm-Up Tips

Getting ready to perform for an audition or a performance may seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can have a lot more fun with it than you think. All it takes is a little preparation and the rest will come to you naturally.

Here are some warm-ups tips to avoid our worst fear as singers (messing up those high notes) when you step into the bBooth or any performance. Continue reading

bBooth’s Performance Tips: bYou

bBooth is your platform to bDiscovered through multiple forms of art. If you’re a vocalist like me, then singing is an alternative way to express your passion, sorrow, love, moments of joy and even irritabilities in your life. For me, being able to create these highlights into lyrics has been a humbling experience, and the fact that people can connect with my music, makes it that much more surreal. Your music (or talent) should be a representation of yourself. The more authentic you are, the more true to your talent you will be. Here are a couple of tips for aspiring songwriters to stay true to their selves and their music, and more importantly, to bOriginal Continue reading

Tips for your bBooth Performance: Lights, Camera, Style!

Zack Burke & Jessica SegurabBooth offers anyone with talent an opportunity to share, bSeen, bHeard and bDiscovered. Often when I go into a singing audition, there is always stress as to how exactly I want to portray myself. Am I going to have a style that people are going to respond to in a positive way? Have I developed a recognizable style? Your overall look you bring into the booth is the look the world is going to view you as an artist, musician, model, actor, etc. Here are a couple Do’s and Don’ts to consider as an artist and for first time users at the booth. Continue reading