FAQs for Performers

How old do I have to be to perform in bBooth?

We welcome kids of all ages. If under 13, we do require parent’s approval.

What if I can’t sing?

No worries, we are interested in performers of all types: actors, songwriters, models, comedians, magicians, poets, folks interested in being on reality TV, really fast rubick’s cubes solvers, you name it. We are also a resource if you want to add a video to your resume or send a message of support to our troops or more. Here’s our latest list on ways to use bBooth, with more contests and audition opportunities being updated weekly so check back often!

Are there any tips for performing?

Yes, don’t wear green! You’ll blend into the background! For more great tips, click here or join us for a workshop.

Can I bring my friends?

Sure! We’d love it. You can have up to 5 performers (band members, supporters, background dancers, etc.) in bBooth at once.

How early should I come?

We’d recommend coming about 5 minutes before your scheduled time – or just show up at your local bBooth and if there’s no line, we will get you right in.

Do I need to create an account or book a performance time before I show up?

Nope not needed. We can do it on-site with you. If you’d like to avoid the line, book your time here.

What should I expect when I walk in to bBooth?

It’s fun and really easy. Our on-site Talent Scout will walk you through it. And to get a feel for it before you arrive, check out our bBooth Tour here.

Can I post my performance in private mode?

Absolutely. At the end of your performance, you can choose to post the video publicly or privately. It will save accordingly in your profile in your bBoothGO app.  You can also share the video with your friends through the app and on your other favorite social media.

How is bBooth different from other recording studios?

Where do we begin? 1. It’s a professional quality, A/V recording studio with a really cool mobile app too. 2. bBooths are rolling out across the country, giving opportunity to folks in small and large towns alike. 3. It provides casting opportunities and contests for those interested. 4. It allows cool video use (up to 4.5 mins of video!) and sharing to other social communities. 5. It’s never been done before.

If I bring friends, do we all need to create accounts?


How much does a performance cost?

Prices range from free to $20 per sesson, with a free do-over (as let’s face it– we can all use a second chance sometimes!).  Ask your talent scout for more.

Can I buy it online?

Yes, coming soon.

Where is my closest bBooth?

Check our out list of locations here.

What is your return policy?

bBooth charges for its studio time – so if you’ve gone into bBooth and spent time recording your performance, sale is final.  However, if you are unhappy, we want to know. Take our survey and let us know what’s up so we can make the experience better for you.

Do you have any group packages?

We absolutely do. Email us at info@bbooth.com and let us know how many in your party.