Performance Tips

It’s one thing to have a great set of pipes or to be able to make someone laugh, but learning how to capture an audience’s attention throughout your performance requires a whole new level of skill.

Every aspiring artist knows that a strong stage presence and a quality performance are not created overnight. Check out bBooth’s latest tips to elevating your creative work to the next level.

Engage your audience visually.

  • Keep eye contact and be direct.  Drink in the moment.

Be confident.

  • Confidence is important and affects your voice, posture and your attitude.

Don’t forget to smile.

  • Smiles are inviting and welcoming… and contagious!

Personal message as an intro or at the end of your performance/video.

  • Don’t be afraid to connect with your audience on a personal level.

Go ahead and be loud.

  • This is your debut and you want it to be memorable, so don’t hold back!

The show must go on.

  • If you make a mistake, continue naturally because chances are, many people won’t even notice it!

Don’t rush your performance.

  • Whether it’s your studio time in bBooth or on the big stage, make each moment count.

Embrace your style and individuality.

  • From wardrobe to stage presence,  the way you communicate separates you from everyone else. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Be energetic.

  • Your audience looks forward to the passion and energy of your show. You have to give excitement to receive it.

Have fun.

  • Enjoy yourself. You’re sharing what you love to do with the world, so make sure to own it. If you have a case of the nerves, take 3 deep breaths and remember, this is fun and easy.