The Los Angeles Film School Presents: Musicology

“Be yourself and represent yourself honestly.” Besidone Amoruwa of Revolt TV said to a crowd of aspiring producers, music creators, and business students.

On Tuesday, August 19th, bBooth was in attendance for Musicology, a music seminar focusing on the creative process and the business of music. Hosted by Brash Republic and The Los Angeles Film School, Musicology featured industry titans including Beisdone Amoruwa of Revolt TV, Rachel Noelle CEO of Hits & History Entertainment, Grammy-winning producer Andreo “Fanatic” Heard, and Shawndel “Jazzy” Rosa of Jazzy Management. Here is some of the most notable advice taken from the panelists to help you elevate your creative work to the next level:

Believe in you and the world will follow. Rachel Noelle, CEO of Hits & History Entertainment

When talking about success strategies, Rachel admits that you need to maintain consistency in your image so that people can get familiar with who you are. Do you love singing? Are you a natural comedian? Believe in your talent, and continue to practice. Your passion will be recognized by those around you.

Be persistent.Andreo “Fanatic” Heard, Grammy-winning producer

“I study all types of music,” Fanatic, Grammy-winning producer of Beyonce told the audience. He admitted that in order to improve your craft, you need be aware of all types of songs and understand what makes a hit popular. “You gotta keep making music. A hit record will find a home.” The producer behind popular hits including Lil Kim’s “Crush On You” and Beyonce’s “Speechless”, Fanatic confessed that various A&Rs turned down his record multiple times but came back asking for something months later when Lil Kim’s “Crush On You” hit the radio waves. It’s not rocket science, it’s banging on the door and waiting until someone says yes. In addition to Fanatic’s persistence, he continually practiced his craft of producing. Practice and be persistent.

Learn how to take creative criticism.Shawndel “Jazzy” Rosa, President of Jazzy Management

“Ask for feedback on your performances and listen to the criticism. In order to improve, you need to understand what it is you need to improve on.”

Be on time to what’s culturally relevant.Besidone Amoruwa, Community Manager of Revolt TV

“As an emerging artist you need to stay on top of what’s going on in the music community. Learn what’s trending in social media and engage with other artists to bring more eyes to your brand. Actively participate in the social discussion to show others you’re an active member within the culture.”

For the purpose of improving and mastering your passion for your talent, here’s a tip from bBooth: Practice, Practice, Practice! Don’t forget to check out bBooth’s professional quality recording studios. Rehearse, record, review and most importantly, share it to the world. Stay real, and don’t ever forget to bOriginal.

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