The Trendsetters ESPY Gifting Lounge!


Rollin’ around with the cyboards!

The Trendsetters ESPY gift lounge at Rolls Royce Beverly Hills was amazing! So many athletes, and actors stopped by to enjoy all the gifts, including Cali Sons, sunglasses, The Loud Packs (socks),Capo Nata waist trainers which are bras and waist trainers in one which are terrific. Products also included Nun Better hats and J Beverly Hills hair products for men were so nice and smelled so good. Antone Murray gave the best massage I ever had! Cake Buzz and Sugar and Spkyed had some delicious treats! If you were an athlete you had a chance to leave on a Cyboard (a motorized skateboard)!

Boris Kodjoe came by with his kids looking fresh, to talk about his new talk show with his wife Nicole. He gave some dating tips and advice. Gymnast Shaun Johnson was more then the excited to come out since her knee surgery. She was more then thrilled to leave with the Cyboard! Make sure you check out Trendsetters gift lounge, and all the products.

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