Young Thug Pulls Out All The Stops At LA Show

Young Thug Show

You never know what you’re going to get when attending a hip-hop show. Sometimes you’re left waiting longer than expected for the first act start, other times you’ll find yourself blown away by the artists making special appearances. Apparently when you’re at a Young Thug show, you forget everything you thought you knew about Young Thug.

I have much more respect for the rapper after watching his performance and how he interacted with fans at his show at Club Nokia Tuesday night. Seeing the rabbit tails hanging from Young Thug’s pants, I knew this LA crowd was about to get lucky.

Young Thug Show
The moment I stepped into Club Nokia, I could feel how eager the crowd was for the upcoming show. To warm up the venue, the night opened with sets from local favorite A$ton Matthews and rising artist Playboi Carti, but it wasn’t until Young Thug hit the stage that the show really kicked into gear.

If you haven’t been to Club Nokia, it has a terrace with seating, but the floor is standing room only with a pit and general admission section. It was only a couple of songs into Young Thug’s set that security heightened because so many people we’re attempting to push to the pit section and rush the stage. I’m sure they aren’t the easiest to control, but I love high-energy shows. They make me feel like the performer is giving a thousand percent and reaffirm why I’m a fan of the artist.

A$AP Rocky and Young Thug
Young Thug has a stage presence like no other, and the phones went flying up to capture every second of his performance the moment the beat dropped on “Stoner.” He gave the audience a full-throttle performance featuring all the best songs from his album Barter 6, including my favorites “Check” and “With That.” Then A$AP Rocky came out. A$AP and Thug have yet to do a collaboration, but could this be a tease of what’s to come? The opening hook to “Lord Pretty Flacko Joyde II” dropped, and the room was hyped. I was surprised that security was able to keep everyone back — there wasn’t a person in the crowd that didn’t want to be on that stage, jumping to that beat. In another twist of events, LA native Ty Dolla $ign hit the stage for the song “Blasé.” He really got into his performance and jumped into an already-hyped crowd.

The night as a whole was so exciting that no one wanted to leave after it ended. With so many surprises and great performances, it’s easy to see why Young Thug is one of the most talked about rappers today. He definitely exceeded all expectations that I and the rest of the crowd may have had going into this show, solidifying his place as a prominent figure in modern rap.

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